Closing in Castle Rock on Oakes Mill Place


Closing in Castle Rock on Oakes Mill Place

As first time buyers, we needed an agent who was patient, thorough, and honest. That is exactly what we got in Vickie. The best summary I can give is that we always felt that we were Vickie's only customers, and we were definitely not. That's how responsive she was, and at several points during the contract process I was calling her multiple times a day or hour.

Not once did I feel like Vickie was trying to sell me a home that I didn't want. Quite the opposite. When she felt that a home was not what we wanted, she'd tell us. We worked with Vickie for the greater part of two months, sometimes making multiple trips to the same homes to reconsider, before we found our dream house and went under contract.

We love our house. Vickie knew it was the right one the moment we walked in the door and so did we. And during a contract process done almost entirely over the internet, she worked very hard to keep us in the loop, to alert us of upcoming contract deadlines, and to negotiate with the sellers/sellers agent. Her negotiation advice was solid, and we felt well-served by it.

If and when we ever sell, we won't have to think twice about who to call