Two Ways to Sell Your Home - Wholesale or Retail

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Two Ways to Sell Your Home - Wholesale or Retail

Sell Your House for Retail Value? Or Wholesale Value? Which method is perfect for you?

If you’re thinking about selling your home, there is more than one way to do that, depending on your real estate goals? You can sell your home for retail value or for wholesale value. Just like you can when you sell a used car.

- Selling your car for retail value is more time, effort and work, but the trade off is a higher price. The same holds true for selling your home.
- Selling your car for wholesale value gives you a lower price but is easier, less work and quicker. The same holds true for selling your home.
There is no right or wrong way to sell your car – or your home. Just different trade-offs.

Traditionally home sellers have gone the retail value route. Because the way you live in a home is different than the way you showcase your home for sale, it requires your time, effort and energy.

You clean, dispose of years of accumulated items, prepare your home to give the best impression to potential buyers, allow strangers to tour your home at possibly inconvenient times, sort thru any competing offers, negotiate back and forth and come to an agreement with your buyer. Then you wait for an Inspection on your home, solve any of those issues; wait for an appraisal and solve any of those issues; wait for title work and the buyers’ loan approval and finally get to moving and closing. Phew!!!

For most sellers it is worth all that work to obtain retail value for their home.

For some sellers skipping all that time, effort and energy for a quick sale at wholesale price is more important for their current needs or situation. After all the current wholesale price of their home may be higher than the retail price of their home was 6 months or a year ago.
Some situations where this option would work better could be the need for quick cash to obtain your dream home, a divorce, the death of a spouse, a chronic or urgent medical issue for the owner, a job loss or even a new job opportunity in another city, etc.

The best choice for this type of seller might be one buyer that will buy their home exactly as it is with all its warts, bumps and bruises, will pay cash, close on the sellers time table (whether that is a quick closing or a delayed closing) and assist the seller with the move.

RE/MAX Masters Millennium has that exact type of program, unlike the traditional Real Estate Environment that you’re used to. It still works with the same professionals you might use in a traditional real estate transaction, but it takes much less effort and energy and can be accomplished in your time frame.

If you’re going to be selling your house in the next 6 months, whether you’re looking to go the traditional retail value route or find that the wholesale route might fit your needs better, just give me a call at 303-944-1153 or E-mail me at and I can tell you how it works…or fill out the form below.

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