Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

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Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

One thing to educate yourself about before buying a home is the hidden costs of buying and owning a home. Most people are aware about the cost of an inspection and appraisal. But these are 5 other things to think about:
1) Review the inspection for potential repairs or upgrades - if you have found the perfect home, but it will need a new furnace within a few years and the sellers won't replace it, will you be able to fit that into your budget?
2) Understand your home insurance policy so if you have a loss, you will be prepared for whether or not it is covered by your insurance.
3) Plan for monthly bills that might be different for a larger home. Extra utility costs is one that can surprise you. Here's a Utility Tool that might be helpful.
4) Prioritize your renovations - you might need to replace that nasty carpet right away, but be able to wait to upgrade the master bathroom.
5) Calculate Affordability - how much of a monthly payment you can afford is directly related to how much of a down payment you make. Evaluate the pros and cons of making a large down payment. It will help out on your monthly mortgage payments, but it might also deplete your emergency fund.

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