Win a Bidding War for Your Next Home

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Win a Bidding War for Your Next Home

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In our current market, there are many buyers competing for a few homes for sale. Here's some tips from on how to win the bidding war for your next home.
1) Pay cash if there is any way that you can - if need be you can take a mortgage out afterwards
2) Get pre-approved for a mortgage - not just pre-qualified
3) Understand the market conditions
4) Make the 1st move
5) Make an extra large earnest money deposit
6) Don't be nitpicky on the Inspection
7) Make it personal - write a personal letter to the sellers
8) Include an escalation clause - that's a secret winning strategy
9) Be flexible - possibly offer Post Closing Occupancy Agreement that lets the sellers stay for up to 60 days after closing.

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